<html> <head> <title>Workshop 2018</title> </head> <body STYLE="background-color:white;" TEXT="black" LINK="black"> <center> <table> <tr> <td><img SRC="logo2.jpg" length=200, width=200></td> <td> <table> <tr> <td> <h1> 15<sup>th</sup> Annual Workshop on Numerical Methods for Problems with Layer Phenomena</h1> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <h3> Thursday, 24<sup>rd</sup> - Friday, 25<sup>th</sup> May 2018</h3> </td> </tr> </table> </td> <td><img SRC="http://www.mas.ucy.ac.cy/~xenophon/pics/cynewlogs2.jpg"> </tr> </table> </center> <p> <pre> <center> <a href="#intro"><b>GENERAL</b></a> <a href="#travel"><b>TRAVELING</b></a> <a href="#participants"><b>PARTICIPANTS</b></a> <a href="#links"><b>LINKS</b></a> <a href="poster.pdf">POSTER (PDF)</a> <a href="program.pdf">PROGRAM (PDF)</a> <a href="photos/photos.html">PHOTOS</a> </pre> <hR> <p> <h3><b>General:</b></h3><p> <a name="intro"> <p> A two day workshop is being organized by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cyprus and it will take place at the Palm Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus. The workshop is supported by the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus Oceanography Center and the Cyprus Tourist Organization. <p> The aim of the workshop is to bring together people, in the mathematics and general scientific community, who have particular interests in the development and applications of numerical methods for problems that exhibit layer phenomena, such as boundary/interior layers in fluid flow and other applications. <p> The previous meeting in this series was <a href="http://www.maths.nuigalway.ie/~niall/LayerPhenomena2017/">14th Annual Workshop on Numerical Methods for Problems with Layer Phenomena 2017</a>. <p> <h3>Cost</h3> <UL> <LI>There is no registration fee. The cost of tea and coffee will be covered. Lunch each day will be at the participants' expense. There will be a <b>dinner on the evening of May 24<sup>rd</sup></b> at the hotel, the cost of which will be covered (except for alcolohic drinks). If you plan NOT to attend the dinner please inform us. <LI>A number of rooms (at a special price) has been reserved at the <a href="http://www.palmbeachhotel.com/">Palm Beach Hotel</a> and each participant may reserve their room directly by filling out <a href="bookingform.pdf">this form</a> and forwarding it to the hotel. </UL> <h3>Registration</h3> <UL> <LI>The deadline for registration is <b>April 15, 2018</b>. If you are interested in participating, please email Christos Xenophontos (at xenophontos@ucy.ac.cy) with your name and affiliation by this date. If you wish to give a talk, please include the title and abstract (if possible) in your registration email. <LI>Each speaker is invited to submit an abstract of his/her talk. A collection of abstracts will be published by the beginning of the workshop. The abstracts are invited to be submitted as LaTeX files, whose length including figures and references should not exceed 2 pages. LaTeX files to prepare your abstract may be found here: <a href="YourName.tex"> Sample abstract</a> , <a href="layers18.cls">LaTeX document-class file</a> (must be saved under the given name). </UL> <p> <h3>Traveling</h3> <a name="travel"> <p> There are several airlines that fly to Larnaca (LCA) airport in Cyprus. Each participant should make arrangements to arrive (via air) to Larnaca; taxis to the hotel should be available once you exit the airport. A normal (4 seat) taxi should not cost more than 20 Euros. <h3>Participants:</h3> <a name="participants"> <UL> <LI>Faiza Alssaedi, National University of Ireland, Galway (F.ALSSAEDI1@nuigalway.ie) <LI>Mirjana Brdar, University of Novi Sad, Serbia (mirjana.brdar@uns.ac.rs). <LI>Philippos Constantinou, University of Cyprus. <LI><a href="http://www.math.tu-dresden.de/~sfranz">Sebastian Franz</a>, Technische Universitt Dresden, Germany (sebastian.franz@tu-dresden.de). <LI><a href="http://www3.ul.ie/~ahegarty/">Alan Hegarty</a>, University of Limerick, Ireland (Alan.Hegarty@ul.ie). <LI><a href="https://www.fernuni-hagen.de/numerik/team/torsten.linss.shtml">Torsten Lin</a>, FernUniversitt in Hagen, Germany (Torsten.Linss@fernuni-hagen.de). <LI><a href="http://webpages.dcu.ie/~oriordae/">Eugene O'Riordan</a>, Dublin City University, Ireland (eugene.oriordan@dcu.ie). <LI><a href="http://www.math.tu-dresden.de/~roos">Hans-Goerg Roos</a>, Technische Universitt Dresden, Germany (hans-goerg.roos@tu-dresden.de). <LI>Kapil Sharma, South Asian University, New Delhi. <LI>Irene Sykopetritou, University of Cyprus. <LI><a href="http://www.mas.ucy.ac.cy/~xenophon/">Christos Xenophontos</a>, University of Cyprus (xenophontos@ucy.ac.cy). </UL> <p> <p> <hr> <h3> Links:</h3> <a name="links"> <UL> <LI> <a href="http://www.ucy.ac.cy/mas/en">Department of Mathematics & Statistics</a> <LI> <a href="http://www.ucy.ac.cy/">University of Cyprus</a> </UL> <p> <hr> <table BORDER WIDTH="100%" NOSAVE > <tr> <td>Last modified 30 May 2018 <br><a href="mailto:xenophontos@ucy.ac.cy">xenophontos@ucy.ac.cy</a></td> <td> <center> <center> <span style="display: block !important; width: 180px; text-align: center; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 12px;"><a href="http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=zmw:00000.1.17609&bannertypeclick=wu_bluestripes" title="Larnaca, Cyprus Weather Forecast" target="_blank"><img src="http://weathersticker.wunderground.com/weathersticker/cgi-bin/banner/ban/wxBanner?bannertype=wu_bluestripes_metric&airportcode=LCLK&ForcedCity=Larnaca&ForcedState=Cyprus&wmo=17609&language=EN" alt="Find more about Weather in Larnaca, CY" width="160" /></a><br><a href="http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=zmw:00000.1.17609&bannertypeclick=wu_bluestripes" title="Get latest Weather Forecast updates" style="font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 12px" target="_blank">Click for weather forecast</a></span> </center> </td> <td> <table BORDER=4 > <tr> <td> <!-- hitwebcounter Code START --> <a href="http://www.hitwebcounter.com" target="_blank"> <img src="http://hitwebcounter.com/counter/counter.php?page=6797606&style=0003&nbdigits=5&type=page&initCount=0" title="Home Remedies For Wrinkles" Alt="Home Remedies For Wrinkles" border="0" > </a><br/><!-- hitwebcounter.com --><a href="http://www.hitwebcounter.com" title="Count Stats Visits" target="_blank" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; color: #6E6A68; text-decoration: none ;"><em>Count Stats Visits </em> </a> </tr> </table> <align=right></td> </tr> </table> </body> </html>