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Mathematics and Statistics Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Cyprus

Academic year 2019-2020 Lectures

Regular meeting time: Wednesdays 11:00-12:00 (Coffee and tea served at 10:15)
Place: ΘEE01 038




September 11,



Charalambos Evripidou

University of Cyprus

Discrete Darboux polynomials and the detection of invariants of rational maps.

September 18

Panagiotis Gianiotis

University of Athens

The size of the singular set of the Ricci flow

September 18,



Xenia Miscouridou

University of Oxford.

Statistical Network Models for Sparse Graphs with Overlapping Communities and Reciprocating Relationships

September 23,


Nabutaka Nakazono

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Consistency around a cubeoctahedron

October 2

Pavlos Kassotakis

University of Cyprus

 Invariants in separated variables: Yang-Baxter and entwining maps

October 9

Nikos Papadatos

University of Athens

On sequences of expected records

October 16

Christodoulos Militos

University of Cyprus

Graph Fall-Colouring: Operators and Heredity.

Ocrober 16,



Yannis Hadjimichael,

Eotvos Lorant University

Βέλτιστοι μέθοδοι χρονικής διακριτοποίησης για διατήρηση ισχυρής ευστάθειας

October 23

Vassilis Nestoridis

University of Athens

New Mergelyan type theorems and Universal Taylor series in several complex variables

October 30

David Harari

University of Paris-Sud, Orsay

Reciprocity laws in Number Theory.

November 13

Georges Habib

Lebanese University

New eigenvalue estimates involving Bessel functions

Monday, November 18.



Maciej Nieszporski,

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics


Integrable systems on honeycomb lattice

November 20

Anastasios Toggas

University of Patras

Tetrahedron maps and symmetries of three dimensional integrable discrete equations

November 27,


Stamatis Dimopoulos

University of Cyprus

The size of real numbers and other mysteries of the continuum function

January 22

Nikolaos Frantzikinakis

University of Crete

The Möbius disjointness conjecture of Sarnak for ergodic weights.

January 29

Andreas Savas-Halilaj

University of Ioannina

Mean curvature flow and isotopy problems.

February 5

Ioannis Michos

European University Cyprus

On super-strong Wilf equivalence classes of permutations

February 12,



Panayiotis Constantinou

University of Cyprus

Testing separability of space-time functional processes

March 11

Anastasia Baxevani

University of Cyprus

Signals Featuring Harmonics with Random Frequencies - Spectral, Distributional and  Ergodic  Properties

March 18

Pavlos Kasotakis

University of Cyprus


April 08

Ivan Cheltsov

University of Edinburgh and HSE University


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