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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Cyprus
1678, Nicosia
Office: ΘΕΕ 01 (B139)
Email: lastname.firstname@ucy.ac.cy


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cyprus (CV). I am interested in variational problems in a geometric measure-theoretic setting. The postdoc is part of the project Regularity in Free Boundary Problems directed by Emmanouil Milakis.

I have prepared a PhD thesis under the direction of Guy David at Paris-Saclay University (defense: january 2020). The thesis dealt with the Plateau problem (minimal surfaces spanning a boundary) in the Euclidean space.

Have a look here to see a few Plateau problems and their solutions. These surfaces have been generated with the software Surface Evolver of Ken Brakke. An alternative is the software surf written by Emanuele Paolini.

I have implemented in Julia the Bischof–Chambolle–Cremers–Pock–Strekalovskiy algorithm for minimizing free-discontinuity functionals, here.

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